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imageimageHas anyone got any ideas with what I can do with the borders? One side has tree trunks so can't really have grass there and the back is soil mixed with a lot of soil and also I love my view so don't want the back fence blocking with fence panels but would like something that I can do so that I have the  but then also privacy when my daughter is in her paddling pool etc! Any advise would be much appreciated thank you :)


  • What an amazing space!

    A lot of what you've asked will depend on the soil conditions you have and the exposure - does it get a lot of sun, is it very wet/dry etc.

    That bit along the right side would look lovely with a curved S shaped border, into which you could plant some larger shrubs towards the back, which would completely hide your tree stumps.

    What you plant will depend on your budget the colours you prefer and how much you're willing to maintain it! You'll never get a ready made border, you'll make mistakes (god knows I have over the years) and will end up moving plants, rearranging them, losing some, gaining the border settles in. It's part of the fun though.

    Here are some ideas - I would browse the internet for photos and see what you like the look of, in the first instance.

    image    image

    As for the back fence/chicken wire - why not go for something like a clematis viticella (I have one called Alba Luxurians with white flowers that have a slight blue being to them) - really easy to grow, I chop it almost to the ground in mid February (so you'd have lots of view behind it then and you can also tidy it up late autumn, as I have sometimes done, if you don't live in a very cold part of the country). It's very disease resistant and will grow from about 2ft to many metres in one season. It flowers from late June to September.

    It would also partly use the trees to the far right for some support.

    At ground level, if the ground is well drained and gets some sun, you could plant some lovely ornamental grasses which swish in the breeze and create a more subtle cover. One of my favourites which is also very low maintenance, is Deschampsia:

    I'm not sure how long you have been in you house, but the best advice I can give you is really look at your garden in all seasons, and gauge where the sun goes, how much light it gets and what the soil is like, before you start. No point trying to struggle with plants that have to go into the wrong conditions!

    Enjoy image

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    Hello maria. That is a fair few tree stumps you have there. I'm no expert on tree stumps but if it were me I would find a handy man with a stump grinder and have all of those removed. You do not appear to be overlooked at the back so I do not think I would worry about your daughter's privacy. You say you want to keep your view so you could always put up some type of screen halfway down the garden with a central archway looking through to your view and the paddling pool could be concealed behind the screen either to the left or right of the screen towards the top end of the garden.

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  • Thank you :) it a park and in the summer we get football matches and cricket matches on there so it gets really busy, and when its busy I like my daughter to play out without being over looked but at the same time when it's quite it's  nice to sit out in summer or look out my window in winter :)

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