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Elevated Raised Bed

I want to construct a raised bed but elevate it so that I don't have to bend so much.  I'm wondering what I should do about drainage. I want the bed to be about 24" deep.  Any tips please? 


  • You probably don't need it to be that deep, or do you mean high? I'd make a frame, table style, then build sides, set on top, to make the bed. Use treated timber and three inch wide posts for the corners. Drainage can be by way of holes drilled in the 'table'


  • KT53KT53 South WestPosts: 7,297

    You haven't said what size you are planning, but if it's small scale this type of thing might do the job  

    I'm not recommending this supplier, or any other, just using it as an illustration.  If you do think about going that route, make sure you see it before you buy.  I looked at some at our local GC and they were very badly made using poor quality timber.  Some of the timber was split where the sections had been screwed together.

  • pixdeepixdee Posts: 7

    Thank you KT53.  

    I'm planning to make my own, that's why I'm not sure about drainage. I guess I could go to my local GC and have a look first.

  • pixdeepixdee Posts: 7


    Thanks for the advice.  I have a plan of how I'll make it but not sure of the lining I need, will go to the GC and see what they have.

  • KT53KT53 South WestPosts: 7,297

    If you're planning to construct something similar to what I linked to, then drainage won't be a problem.  Line with weed suppressing fabric to stop the soil falling out and that's it.

  • pixdeepixdee Posts: 7

    Excellent! Thanks KT53 :-)

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