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compost from manure

RobmarstonRobmarston south walesPosts: 333

I have a huge pile of horse manure and straw available to me. I have used some of this mix (it is a year old) as basic compost for potting up and potting on plants.  So far it has been successful and the plants seem to be quite happy.  Does anyone else do this and is there anything I shouldn't plant in it, or any other things I need to be careful of if using it?

I was also wondering if it would be ok to use it to top dress ericaceous plants such as my blueberries, rhododendrons and oriental Lillies with this manure mix?



  • I wouldn't, a bit rich, really and, once rotted down, when fungi and other organisms have worked their magic, not acidic enough. However, well rotted down, strawy horse manure (the two year old stuff and older) is one of the best for the vegetable garden, top dressing generally, just as an inch layer spread over the top and allowed to break down naturally. For your rhodos, blueberries etc. use ericaceous compost or leaf mould from beech, hazel, lime trees (avoid evergreen stuff and sycamore). 


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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 81,358

    I agree - it'll be too rich to use neat - if it's well rotted you can add some to loam/compost/leafmould etc to make a potting mix for mature plants - I think it'd been too rich for seedlings and young plants.

    As H-C says - add it to the veg patch, or dig it in when preparing new beds and borders.  


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  • RobmarstonRobmarston south walesPosts: 333

    Thanks guys. I did plant some dahlias in it last year and they seemed to thrive. But I'll add it to some multi purpose now instead. 

  • vernoverno Posts: 10

    I believe that it would be great for planting almost any type of flowers and vegetable as well. I'm looking forward to see your grown plants after some time.

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