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Plant/tree selection for tall + quick screen


I am new to this forum and hoping someone can guide me as I know very little about plants and selecting the appropriate species is difficult for me still after my google research.

The plan - provide a screen tall screen (approx 10-20+' ultimately) that will cover the majority of these coloured holiday cottages that are a bit horrible to look at. The boundary to screen is about 60m total length and a long way from the property (50meters maybe, so there is no worry about using tall trees impacting making space look small). It would be nice i suppose to have a mixed hedge/screen with different plants so that it looks natural and not like a typical planted hedge. The house is set in a rural area with plenty of other tall trees around (conifers). Had the thought I wouldn't prune it much or at all and would let it grow at different heights and depths to provide that natural feel, but is not necessary. 

I want a fast growing screen that maybe starts life at 4-6' when purchased so I have a great start (but wanting to cut cost so not going for anything massive) and it will in a year or two provide some screening. Thuja green giant was considered but maybe not good in Scottish climate. I dont want them being 100 feet tall trees but 30-50 foot in many years to come is perfectly fine. 

Really hope someone can advise a decent setup and what I can look at picking for the plants.

Thanks in advance


  • Hello, Have you looked at Hedges Direct? They do a 1m trough length instant hedge of differing heights and plant selection. There is a particularly nice native combination 1m length one, although it isn't evergreen, but the birds will love it. They also offer a bulk buy deal and/or discount, so it would be worth phoning them to negotiate an even bigger discount. They do deliver.

    I am waiting to order mine, as my garden landscaping isn't even underway yet, but I will, (I've done my research), use them. I'm going for a Laurel hedge as it is evergreen which is what I need. Hope this helps.

  • I would select plants yourself, from a local nursery, looking for shrubs around the 3ft mark that, one, are reatively inexpensive, two will establish quickly and catch up bigger plants and, three, are of your choice for a tapestry effect.  Have a look at photinia, pittosporum, elaeagnus, hoheria, the different hollies, griselinia, prunus lusitanica. I've messaged you.


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Perhaps something for consideration would be a double row of native hedging. A lot of companies will offer this so have a look on the web.

    And of course, you could always plant golden leylandii. They have had a bad name in years past but only because they are planted in the wrong place and/or are left to get too tall. They definitely are a fast grower.

    Just be aware that sometimes it does not pay to get big hedging plants - they take longer to get established and are very expensive. You have a long boundary to cover...... If they are planted in good soil, well prepared and the weeds kept away from the border forever, they will establish and grow quicker than their bigger cousins who tend to sit and sulk a long time. 

    And now is the time to buy bare rooted trees so keeping the cost down even more. 

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    I wouldn't pick either Pittosporum or Photinia for up here. Pittosporums aren't really reliably hardy, and photinias usually don't cope well with our climate either. They usually look dreadful. 

    I'd pick holly or laurel. Bear in mind that leylandii, while it's a good choice for the project, will keep growing well beyond fifty feet, so you would have to find a way to maintain it.

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  • I missed the Scotland bit!  Could be ok, though, on the west coast.


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