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Sowing lawn - when can you walk on it?

SuperheroSuperhero Posts: 53

I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row but I've got some hold-ups beyond my control and can't dive into designing/planting our new garden. For costs reasons I wanted to sow lawn rather than turf it as there is still a chance it might now grow in the long run because of our conditions. However, the first big project would be to build a big shed, which means that we will have to walk around on the lawn a bit. So if we could minimise this and maybe put some wood planks down to walk on, how long after germination would you say as a general rule you could walk on a new lawn? 

I would rather do it the other way round, build the shed, borders, etc, but by the time I've done that it will be autumn at least and if you saw the state of the garden, you would understand that I don't want to be that long without grass (it's also a pain to wipe our dog's feet everytime he's been out for a wee because of the mud)

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