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Climber recommendations please

SeashellSeashell Posts: 7


Another question from a gardening novice - looking for recommendations for evergreen climbers that would suit a east facing position please. Particularly interested in winter flowering options. Thank you.


  • CloggieCloggie Posts: 1,455

    How much space have you got?

    Winter flowering Jasmine might be worth a punt, can get quite big and it doesn't cover anything up because it flowers on nude stems in winter.  Not really a proper climber, more of a bush with lax stems that can be trained.  Jasminium Nudiflorum.


    This one is on an East fence.  It's Clematis Napaulensis and it flowers in winter then "rests" in summer.


    This is an evergreen from my old garden but it doesn't flower in winter, this was taken in June.  It keeps a smattering of leaves over winter and does best in a sunny spot so East facing it wouldn't be so vigorous but it's been pretty hardy for me and doesn't mind clay soil.  Again not a true climber more of a thuggish large shrub with floppy stems that you can tie in when young.   Solanum Crispum 'Glasnevin'.


  • CloggieCloggie Posts: 1,455

    Oh and in front of the Solanum is a Clematis Armandii Apple Blossom.  Evergreen and flowers at the end of winter, fragrant, so nice by the patio doors.  Gets huge but looks lovely when all the fresh new leaves come out after flowering - looks kind of Oriental.  I reckon it would survive in an Easterly spot but the one above is facing South West and loved it.

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