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Care of Coleus Seedlings

MarniXMarniX Posts: 28

Good morning, everyone.

Despite reading everywhere how easy coleus is to grow, it's taken me three times sowing and this morning, success!

The seeds are Suttons 'Rainbow Mixed'. I keep the 4" high 4" dia. pot out of direct light, in a bright room.

Moist at the moment but not sure if I should underwater or overwater. Want to do it right as after all this effort I'd hate to kill them.

Also I wanted the plants for my study, which gets morning sun but is shady afternoons, but there seems to be conflicting views on whether the foliage comes out best in sunny or shady conditions.

Any advice is, as always, very much appreciated image


Have a great day and hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are!


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,277

    Well, so far so good with this lot - congrats!. I've had mixed success with them over the years and have just sown choc covered cherry yesterday - keeping my fingers x'ed!
    For the moment yours have a tiny root, so keep the surface moist, but don't over water. 
    Keep them somewhere bright, but out of direct sunlight and turn the pot at least daily to stop them bending over.

    I grow mine on a south patio but on the east side, so gets sun till about 2pm ish. 
    From 2015 (i think) -


    Good luck

    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.
    Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
  • MarniXMarniX Posts: 28

    Hey, Pete8, thank you so much for your reply and your advice - your coleus looks ASTOUNDING - I'm in awe - really appreciate it.

    Once your seedlings are big enough do you underwater?

    Thanks again. Your plants are gorgeous.

  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,277

    Hi Marni - thanks for your kind words.
    Always best not to over water or underwater any plants - just right is best ;) a bit of a conundrum I suppose, but I find coleus prefer to be a little on the damp side when they're bigger. For now just keep the surface moist. Once they're bigger, if the pot feels heavy don't water, if it feels light then give them some water.
    Once they've germinated they're quite easy. When they're about 4" I give them a general purpose plant food every week or so in the growing season, and do remember to pinch off flower spikes as soon as you see them. Once they flower, it's job done from the plant's point of view and they promptly die, but if you keep pinching off the flower spikes you can keep them going, and if you take some cuttings late in the season and just pop them in a small glass of water, roots will appear in a week or so and you can pot them up and grow on.

    Best of luck

    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.
    Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
  • MarniXMarniX Posts: 28

    Thank you again for all your advice, Pete8 - duly noted -

    and good luck with everything you're growing, too - best, Marni


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