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Controlling arum italicum

We have Italian arum lilies growing as weeds throughout the garden and even worse, in the lawn.  I have tried removing them and poison but they come back in a vengeance.  Please help! 


  • If you see ANY Arum Italicum in your plant beds avoid digging over the ground as that spreads it without you realising - as I found to my cost!

    The ONLY way to safely eradicate this Arum is to dig it out painstakingly and diligently. The stems break off when you try to tug the plant, especially the new growth, letting it 'dig in' even further. So gently dig around new growth and tease out the tiny tubers. For the larger established plants you'll have to dig very deep to locate the tuber style roots. And watch out as they wrap around other established plants - in one area of my flower bed, part rockery, I've been told by local horticulturists I'll just have to 'live with it' 

    Dispose of the berries too as these spread the plant - but be careful of your skin. 

    Good luck! 

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