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Climber for exposed wall

Fay17Fay17 Posts: 1


I'm a novice gardener and I'm looking to cover the two most prominent sides of my (fairly ugly end of terrace) house with a nice evergreen climber. So something fast growing and to a decent height and width (although happy to plant more than one).

The two sides face south and west, so get a fair bit of sun. But the house is fairly exposed. There's a fence around some of it but otherwise it gets a fair bit of wind channelled from an adjacent street.

I'd prefer something self clinging, I don't mind whether or not it flowers or has some other interest, so long as it is evergreen. I'm guessing some variety of ivy is the most obvious choice.

My building is brick on the lower half and then shingle tiles on the upper half so perhaps that would need to be factored. And I live on the south coast so perhaps warmer than the rest of the country.

I think that's everything that you might need to know. Except I suppose soil type which I'm really not very sure about. I think its fairly chalky, pretty poor soil, never really been worked much. But can improve the soil beforehand to some extent, I guess.

Any ideas much appreciated.




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