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New border

I have a reclaimed south-facing border, 8 yards X 2 yards backed by a 30 inch stone wall, and am in need of suggestions  for a mixture of shrubs and plants, preferably low/medium maintenance as I am quite elderly. Can you help?


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,870

    Hi Audrey. Here are a few suggestions for you:

    Shrubs: Lavender; Helianthemums; Salvias, Buddleja

    Perennials: Achilleas; Heleniums; Phlox; Poppies

    Hope those few mentioned give you some ideas.

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  • Audrey70Audrey70 Posts: 3

    Thank you very much Ladybird and Verdun for your swift replies, and to you Verdun for such an extensive selection.  I really am very grateful to you both and look for ward to looking them up in my gardening book and making a selection. X

  • CATH10CATH10 Posts: 6

    Hi Audrey

    I am also in Scotland. Try to get to the garden centre behind Dobbies Edinburgh as they are much cheaper. Or Morrisons or B & Q. 

    I would get a Camellia, and grow a group 3 clematis through it for flowers in August - September. Each year you just cut back the clematis to around 6-12 inches. It then regrows flowering on this seasons growth - £1.87 in Morrisons. Get a honeysuckle for the wall - £1.87 in Morrisons. 

    Maybe an Acer or Amelanchier - currently both £2 in Morrisons. They could be at the back for height. Penstemons, Lavender, Phlox Paniculata - 3 feet high, flowers from July - October and scented. Currently 2 for £1 in Aldi and Lidyl. Echinacea for autumn flowers also 3 for £1 in same shops. Rudbeckia is also hardy and no trouble. 

    Several Erisemum Bowles mauve - flowers almost all year and scented - £1.87 each in Morrisons. 

    If you were near Edinburgh I would come help. 


  • Audrey70Audrey70 Posts: 3

    Rather belatedly, thank you Cath for all your suggestions.  I have both Morrisons and Lidl close to home, so I'll check them out.  What a pity I'm not nearer to Edinburgh!

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