New plants....Who wants them?

VerdunVerdun Posts: 23,348

as some might know, I am a sucker for new plants.  A sucker though after I have researched as much as I can and am convinced they are as good as the hype.image

so is anyone else a sucker for a new plant....if so, what in particular do you crave?

from astilbe Shogun and the latest little eucomis I am hooked image

What new plants do you want in your gardens?  

For me it is agastacke kudos Silver Blue.........


  • Mark56Mark56 Berkshire, UKPosts: 1,395

    Every variety of Agastache under the sun especially Kudos Mandarin image

  • CloggieCloggie Posts: 1,141

    Just bought mine.  I wanted a Choisya Sundance again and I've got one.

    Not smart, not clever but functional and beautiful.  I'm happy.  On to the next object of desire ... image 

  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 2,502

    Ordered some Kudos Mandarin and some Bupleurum longifolium 'Bronze Beauty'! No idea if either will be hardy here in Scotland but could not resist!


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  • Mines Monardra Beauty of Cobham. I haven't got it in my garden but have planted it in others. When I seen it in full bloom, I've always thought that's one that I want in mine. Love the contrast in the colour of the flowers and their formation 

    To be honest, any other Monarda doesn't do it for me 

  • Verdun


    I try a give them room and water only at the base but some plants such as Monadra are mildew prone. Natures way of telling us that plants we not always perfect image

  • MelspadMelspad Posts: 73

    I am heavily into Echinacea and Dieramas.  I have got around 10 different Dieramas, either established plants or seedlings, but am having real trouble getting any unusual seeds from this country for the Echinaceas.  I have a friend who lives in Canada and she says she will try and find some different seeds if I send her a list of 'wants'.

  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,535

    They aren't flowers but, I've got 6 varieties of rhubarb, Victoria, Poultons Pride, Timperley early, Stockbridge arrow, Livingston, Valentina. There's 2 more that I'd like, Fulton's strawberry surprise and Rosenhagenimage

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 1,096

    I am trying a few new plants for me this year, I trying agastache black adder still unsure it would survive a winter though, got a calamagrostis karl forster to plant out ( first perennial grass ) - lobelia verdrariesis and other plants which are in my plants stash, I always forget what's there until I add more plants image

    Was talking to mum about a strawberry rhubarb plant yesterday but couldn't remember the name, sound delicious image .

    I got a few monarda's - cambridge scarlet / beauty of cobham / scorpion , beauty of cobham and cambridge scarlet have been mildew free so far, scorpion did get mildrew, good mulch hopefully will help this year. 

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 1,096

    Verdun - I want to split the calamagrostis in two , would it be ok to split now like most other perennials? Its in a 7.5litre pot at the moment. I dont know why but I got in the back of my mind that you not suppose to split grasses to early.

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 1,096

    Thanks Verdun 

  • lilysillylilysilly Posts: 288

    I have a bit of a obsession with agapanthus, after first seeing them on honeymoon down in Cornwall many years ago. I have many deep blue , purple/black, bright blue and white varieties but as yet no lilac blooms. So I'm after agapanthus Lilac Haze. I've seen it online being recommended by a leading agapanthus breeder and it looks a beauty, with lovely large flower heads. 

    I've also fallen under the spell of clematis Flora Pleno Maryrose that l saw a wonderful specimen of at a local NGS open garden last summer. So I'm after one of those too. 

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