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can anyone advice me please. I had five huge leylandi trees taken down and left with this unsightly fence. I would like to camouflage it slightly, also where the trees were is a mixture of soil and rockery stones. I would appreciate advice on what to do here, l thought maybe raised flower bed? But wouldn't know where to start. I don't want the paving slabs either, any ideas.  Also l want this to be low maintenance   Thanks Sueimageimage

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  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    DO the fences belong to you? If not then you shouldn't grow anything up them.

    Get rid of the stones, the concrete posts, the old wire fence and the root that is protruding. Dig the whole area over thoroughly incorporating lots of manure and compost as the soil will be very impoverished. Then plant whatever takes your fancy. Take heed of situation ie sunny or shady, dry or wet. Look at other people's gardens and get some idea of what you like and then go for it! 

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  • suzyq66suzyq66 Posts: 4

    Hi yes the fencing does belong to me. Unfortunately, the peoples garden which backs on to mine erected half of the tall fencing, leaving me no option but to copy it. As it would have looked odd if l had put just six foot fencing up. I think they were unhappy that l had my trees taken down. The soil at the back is quite banked up. 

  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,501

    Speaking only for myself, but I don't like raised beds except for veg gardens and paved areas, as I think borders look much more natural, can be curved more easily and are easier to plant. You could recycle the stones and (broken) paving flags to make a low edging for the border and pull down some of that soil that looks to be banked up the fence to level the area a bit.

    If you make the border wide enough and curve it round the corner,  you would have space to plant some shrubs (don't forget some evergreens!) to help with the fence camouflage, could add some climbers  too,and then have lower planting in front. You'll have so much to look at, you won't notice the fence - and the colour will tone down in time anyway or you could paint it.

  • suzyq66suzyq66 Posts: 4

    Thanks for your replies it's an option. I really did want to get rid of those paving slabs at the front as well.  Not sure what to put there instead. 

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