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Hebe pruning

Hi all


As you can see my hebe is looking worse for wear!

I've just replanted it into this border and wondered how hard a prune it can withstand as it is very leggy.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi LLM. From the photo it looks ok for now I would leave it and see what happens.

    I had this identical plant last year and it grew straggly just as yours.

    I took it out the pot and planted it same as you. Its now bushed out so I am hoping it puts on even more spread this year. They really do not like pruning when so young if I had to I would just prune a little

    off the new wood but nothing drastic.image

  • LLMLLM Posts: 46

    Thanks John,

    I'll leave it settle in and hope it follows in your hebes footsteps!

  • LLMLLM Posts: 46

    Update on this hebe...

    It has grown in size but the plant is still very leggy and none of the bottom leaves have re-grown. I want to prune this to see if will rejuvenate as a fuller plant (I may be naive)

    Can anybody advise me on if I should do this/how I should do this?

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