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Should I use compost - very odd sour smell...


i bought three bags of garden compost last week and I've just opened one - it smells really odd. Not like I've ever smelt garden compost smell before. A weird sour smell. It's a new brand I haven't used before - but don't want to risk killing everything if it's off... Any ideas?


  • B3B3 Posts: 26,432

    If you're not happy, I'd take them back . Think how disappointed you'll be if your plants don't do as well as expected.

    They might have been stored near something smelly I suppose.

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  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    I've just phoned the garden centre - they say it's fine to return in. 40 miles round trip though and I bought grow bags too.

    have just had another smell - it's definately not right. 

    I'll take it back.

  • I bought a 75L bag of Wyevale garden centre multi purpose compost at the weekend. Last night while sowing seeds into pots standing outside I thought I could smell the local farmers spreading manure on the fields around. However, this morning my house stinks of the same smell and the smell is coming from the pots of seedlings. It's really foul. Never smelt compost like it. I've planted quite a few tomato, chili, cucumber seeds. Not sure what to do. What on earth is in that compost to smell like this?

  • vernoverno Posts: 10

    You can try it in one area and just leave negative reviews when it failed to perform as it should be. I don't buy compost because I make my own at home from biodegradable materials.

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