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Greenhouse concrete base

Hi, I have inherited a greenhouse from when we moved to our house.

It sits on a concrete base with a 1 brick border and 2x4 timber inbetween the brick and aluminum greenhouse frame.

It has no drainage, I just wanted some advice what I can do. We are very much beginners to greenhouses and so not sure what options we have or if I need to do anything on top of the concrete as the water may not be excessive and maybe dry itself.

Thank you in advance for any help given.



  • Peter36Peter36 Posts: 20

    Hi Stephen.So long as you water your pots,growbags & suchlike until you see leakage appear,you

    should have no problem.In hot weather you could use saucers under pots to catch excess water & stop

    pots from drying out too quickly.However,when it's hot,it will pay to dampen the concrete base with

    with a watering can.This moistens the air around plants to help to prevent red spider mites,a nasty pest

    which loves hot dry air.

  • Thank you for your reply Peter.

    That's great will use your advice.



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