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Moving plants when I move

I want to move some plants from my allotment when I move house. The problem is we are not moving until May. So I thought maybe if I dig them up now and put them in huge pots this would work? Would they be happy to stay in the pots for a few months?

Some of them I don't know if it will be worth it though. I would love some advice!

I have some roses which have only been in a year. I am pretty confident they will be OK. But what about 5 year old ones? And an 18 year old one I moved from my garden to the allotment last year?

Clematis- would a 20 year old one survive? I also have two which are a year old.

I planted a willow 'fedge' last year. Could I transplant each of the plants into individual pots then replant them in my new garden in May?

A 15 year old olive tree.  I have read how to transplant it, but would it be OK on a pot?

Thanks so much for any thoughts.


  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,649

    I would try taking cuttings for most of those, rather than move the 'mother' plant - especially roses. That doesn't stop you trying to move the original but does give you a fallback should the move kill any of them

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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,139

    Olive tree fine in a pot and the young roses and clematis too.  For the older rose it should be OK as it's only been there a year but I would take cuttings just in case.  The willow will strike so easily from cuttings that I'd do that and start a new fedge;

    I moved last October and put new roses and clems bought last spring in pots to bring with me and took up one or two others that were easy to lift.  I also made divisions of hostas and other perennials to get me started here taking plants with special associations with people or events plus 20 sall pots of snowdrops and a few acres and other shrubs I had  in pots.  We needed a whole trailer for my plants........

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