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Are there any roller mowers that can mulch?

I'm looking to buy a new lawnmower but am having real trouble finding what I want. I would like a rear roller, partly to get stripes, but also so my mower doesn't fall off the edge of my lawn and scalp the grass. I would also like to have the option of having the mower mulch, I. E. able to get a compatible mulching plug for it. 

I can't find such a mower. Many mulching plugs explicitly state its not compatible with the roller mower in the range. 

Does anyone know of such a machine, or why it doesn't exist? 

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  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,184

    IMHO you can have mulching or stripes. I don't think you can have both. I might well be wrong.

    Stripes are caused by the roller flattening the grass blades flat and when the light hits it, it shows where it's been flattened in different directions. I can't see how this could be done with mulching.

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  • Colin159Colin159 Posts: 5

    Thanks. I must be missing something. The mulching part of the process is just a different blade and the hole for grass discharge to the bag blocked, I don't understand why that should impact on whether you have a roller or wheels on the back of the mower. 

    Im not so bothered about the stripes, main reason I want a roller is so that the mower doesn't fall off the edge of the lawn. 

  • KT53KT53 South WestPosts: 7,297

    They are out there.  Just search 'mulching roller mower' and then read the description to confirm that they fit the bill.

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,184

    "partly to get stripes, "

    Sorry if I misunderstood.image

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,032

    I would have thought that rolling would compress the grass too much for mulching to be efficient. image

    Not something I would do anyway though. I'm not  a great believer in mulching grass as we're constantly told that grass neeeds good air flow, and mulching seems to do exactly the opposite! Perhaps I've completely misunderstood the process though.

    I thought the same about the stripes too Hosta   image

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  • Colin159Colin159 Posts: 5

    I would like stripes, I'm just not that bothered about them.

    I have googled roller mulching lawnmower plus many variants, it just returns any page that has those words on it somewhere. 

    The roller comes after the grass has been cut, so not sure why that should affect how the blade cuts the grass.  

    But as I say I'm clearly missing something otherwise there would be some of these machines or those that are out there would be easier to find. 

    Thanks for your replies all, here's hoping someone out there owns one or knows of one. 

  • This one has a mulching option

    I don't know if anyone can recommend this brand ?  

  • Colin159Colin159 Posts: 5

    Thanks all. 

  • glasgowdanglasgowdan Posts: 632

    What size lawns are you talking about? If the grass cuttings are an issue I assume it's a large area? Wouldn't you consider investing in a strimmer to quickly deal with the outer 8-10 inches of the lawns therefore avoiding dropping wheels off the edge?

    Apparently the HRD 536 QX has mulching as an option, if a £1300 pro mower is on your radar. I use the Danarm version of this daily, but also have a separate mulch mower dedicated for certain sites. Mulching doesn't block up lawns at all... I have been doing it for years on some sites and they're doing great. 

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