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Help! Algae...

My paving in my small enclosed east-facing courtyard has a tendency to go very green. I am in the process of redesigning the area. Are there materials (slate, decking etc) which are better at shrugging off algae? What else can I do about the problem? 


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,287

    I don't know, but I would strongly advise not putting decking down.
    Once it's wet and has a covering of algae it's like sheet ice - very dangerous. A covering of chicken wire helps a lot, but doesn't look too good.
    Most people seem to use pressure washers to clear the algae from slabs etc.

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  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    I just pressure wash the slabs once a year. Slate or gravel (unless its white!) are a bit better at remaining cleaner but they still discolour a bit over time unless you keep raking them. 

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  • Wickes sell a fungicidal wash that's great for cleaning moss and algae from slabs, I did my patio last weekend and it's lovely and clean now. I put it down neat with an emulsion brush, and it took about three days to work. From memory it was about £6 or £7 for 4 litres. Didn't need to jet wash

  • Dmitri-Dmitri- Posts: 17

    Listen to me. And you did not think about the roof of the reeds. Natural material, durable. The only downside is strong winds that can knock down the flooring.

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