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Will Trachelospermum/Star Jasmine climb a wall?

JadeyJadey Posts: 36

Hi, I have a Trachelospermum/Star Jasmine that I bought to scramble over the front of my house. I seem to be getting mixed messages about what support it needs. Some articles call it a self-clinger and other a self-twiner. My question is, do I need to give it a trellis or wire support to climb or will it scale the wall by itself? 

Thanks, Jade 


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,744

    I'd say it needs something to twine onto, like trellis. 

  • JadeyJadey Posts: 36

    Damn, I was hoping I could just plant it and let it run loose. Thanks for your help, it looks like the hubby needs to get to work with his drill and some vine eyes then. 

  • JadeyJadey Posts: 36

    We've got some PVC coated garden wire from Wickes left over from last year image

  • JadeyJadey Posts: 36

    Oh no, really? Damn, I've already let a winter beauty clematis scramble all over the back of the house on PVC-coated! Ah well, too late for the back now. Will get some galvanized wire for the front, thanks for the tip.

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