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Lack of Evergreen

MayLaneMayLane Posts: 203

I have a back border that is 9 months old. It needs to disguise a 10-12 foot wall / fence combo. 

I planted Himilayan Birch,  Dogwood,  ferns,  Solomon's seal,  bleeding hearts and oak leaved hydrangea and snow drops.  On the wall I have started off Hallina Honeysuckle and Clematis Armandii. 

It looks terribly sparse and messy during this winter with lots of soil and weeds on show. Any suggestions on evergreens that would pull it together? 

I do have two small Sacrococcas in pots I could plant. 

Many thanks. 


  • MayLaneMayLane Posts: 203

    I'm coming from an extremely mature garden full of frogs,  dragonflies and a snake to a blank garden. 

    Thanks for the suggestions!  

    I do have a Mexican Orange Blossom and I think Euonymous that I saved from the developers in pots too. No idea why I didn't think of planting them! We saved about ten plants from the diggers. Not sure if i like them all but most are planted in the front garden.  I missed the phormium and I think skyrocket though. 

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