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Raspberry Canes!

Hi all.

A neighbour gave me 4 raspberry canes in the autumn and more out of politeness than anything I dug some holes and popped them in. I thought they were dead, they were dry and Wizened. Well hey presto they now have shoots on! (Im a bit new to all this so bear with the excitement...) 

Questions - What do I do next? They are literally 4 canes popped in a bit of vacant flower bed next to a fence. They will have fullish sun and are fairly well mulched with well rotted manure - all done to bed before I put them in.

Kind regards,

Dan image


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,528

    Have the canes got the remains of last years fruit on? If so they are autumn fruiters (primocane) and will fruit on the new years canes. Cut down to the floor and let new shoots come up to fruit this year.

    If the canes did not fruit last year, then those canes (new last year will fruit this year. You let them fruit and then cut out the fruited canes in Autumn , leaving this years canes to fruit next year. (Floricane)


    No they are literally a single dead looking stem about 1.4m high with small green shoots about an inch long all along that stem, shoots about 10 cm apart. Do I cut that right down to ground level. No idea what happened last year unfortunately. image

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,528

    I think they will fruit this year. I would leave them now. You may be able to tell what sort they are by the time that they fruit. Early fruiters tend to be floricanes.

  • Dmitri-Dmitri- Posts: 17

    Crimson canes are planted in the spring as far as I know in the flower beds specially designed for this.
    In YouTube there is an accurate useful video instruction

  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 9,976

    Why not ask your neighbour if they're Autumn rasps or Summer rasps - then you'll know how best to prune.
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