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elegant and cost effective way to support dahlias

NewbNewb Posts: 211

Share some good looking and cost effective way to support dahlias. A lot of them in my front garden so not much hidden by other plants in border.

Last year i tied them to green painted canes, but newbie mistake and lots of them had stems cut up as i didnt loosen the garden ties over time. Only realized when it was too late image

Also the main stem was ok but side shoots kept flopping and breaking in wind and rain. 

I saw some lovely peony supports for £20 or so each. But I have 12 new dahlias and I am hoping my 20 or so dahlias from last year will come back too. Cant afford so many and those supports seems to be not tall enough. 

What do you use for supporting dahlias and where do you buy supports from?



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