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What would you put here?

so I've posted here a few times on each bit of the garden and I'm really excited about the bits I've finished so far based on advice here. This fence is out front facing south. It'll get the sun until lunchtime. the whole front drive/garden needs softening and we can't afford to re-cover the drive. I'm thinking of maybe a passion flower trained along this fence and a large pot with a black bamboo on the gravel to match the bed the other side of the drive. Thoughts? image


  • Liz WarnerLiz Warner Posts: 199


    Here's the other side 

  • Liz WarnerLiz Warner Posts: 199

    They're all beautiful plants verdum. How do I chose between them?! Pyracantha is too spiky as it'll be close to where I park. I'm not sure if it stays warm there! I guess it's sheltered so may do. 

  • Liz WarnerLiz Warner Posts: 199

    Don't see why not. It would just be a case of pursuading my husband! It's a new fence so I can guess he won't want it covered!! ?

  • Liz WarnerLiz Warner Posts: 199

    Is it pheasible to put a black bamboo in a large pot in this corner? 

  • SandTSandT Posts: 70

     What about a trailing Jasmine so you get a nice hit of fragrance as you step out of the car?

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