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Slabs on top of gabion

Hi all, 

I have had an idea to use gabions to retain my patio which is raised above the rest of the garden. I want to give the effect of the rocks in the basket holding the patio up, so want the slabs to come flush to the front of the gabion wall. Is this possible? Is there a suggested way to fix the slab to the gabion? 

Thank you all 


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,969

    I would expect the stone / rocks in the gabions to settle over time so I'm not sure how stable you would be able to make slabs on top of them.  The only way to fix them would be to cement them in place.

  • mattgardenmattgarden Posts: 109

    Thank you. That's what I thought, but looking on pinterest quite a few people have done it, particular for seats. Wondered if there was a trick to it? 

  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 7,083

    Never done it but I should think you'd have two options; one would be to put a membrane of some kind near the top of the gabions (folded back so you don't see it from the front) so you could pack the top couple of inches with small stones to give you a bed for mortar, then cement the slabs on. The other would be to leave the gabions open at the top and lay the slabs as the last layer. Then as the stones settle you can lift them if they go wonky and pack a few more levelling stones in to correct the shift.

    A better option may be some sort of timber finish which would span more effectively but obviously wouldn't have the look you're describing.

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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,882

    I'd agree - you'd need to mortar them in place, although raisingirl's suggestion of the paving being the  top layer, so that you can adjust them, might be the best solution initially.

    Not sure if gabions do settle much over time - if they're done correctly, they shouldn't, but they don't usually have paving on top so it's maybe best to try the method which allows you to make some adjustment before cementing them in place. image

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  • You should be able to get a bed of mortar on top of the gabion without the need for small stones or a membrane, just make up the mortar mix a little stiffer

  • mattgardenmattgarden Posts: 109

    Thank you all for your help. Glad it is possible. I'll try to remember to let you know how I get on in case it's helpful to others 

  • So how did it go??

  • I'm doing a raised paver patio about 9" above the existing ground. I'm enclosing the patio with a gabion wall as a retaining wall for the compacted paver bed and a seating wall about 20" higher than the patio. My question is what would be the best way to place the pavers against the gabion wall to ensure the pavers stay straight and compacted in place. I've seen photos on the internet but no detailed explanation on how the work was done. Thanks.
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