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Awaiting delivery of my first greenhouse...

I have tried those flimsy Grow houses and the last storm shredded those, so I felt it was time to have a more robust greenhouse.. I opted fora 6x4 one  as my garden is small.. I chose  Polycarbonate panes rather than glass, as I do not want to be replacing glass.. 

Its being delivered today at some time and will be assembled when the hurricane season is over lol..

Probably in about 10 days time.. 

Its going to be sited on grass.. I am told all around light is a good plan.  I have ordered paving for a centre path and will set a gravel bed either side..

 I'm new to all this so I thought I would try this type of layout first..  Then if it doesn't work out I can dig out the turf etc next season..

Any tips and hint are appreciated.. My aim is vegetables rather than flowers..

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  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,065

    First thing to think about is water. Have a source of water close to the greenhouse, either piped in with one if the plastic irrigation systems or at least have a water butt beside it which you can top up with a hose, you don't want to be traipsing up and down the garden with watering cans if you can avoid it.

    What veg are you planning to grow?  Plenty of us started with tomatoes but stick with what you enjoy best. You can get early crops of strawberries in containers, salad leaves, chillies, herbs which like heat such as basil, lots of possibilities. 

  • BLTBLT Posts: 525

    Hi thanks for your replies, previously I had growhouses and they are not robust enough in a windy location..   Last year I grw mostly Tomatoes and cues in there. The Tomatoes were all different varieties and some types really need a warmer environment.. 

    I found last year shading was a problem lol  tried the net curtain trick but after a time they rotted..   I think that this gh has some way to clip on shades. There is guttering on it and I do intend to buy another water butt. I have one already that is fed by my shed roof plus 2 75 litre plastic bins...  

    I am thinking of my mates assembly job and knowing what a pain it is to drop screws in the grass, I am planning on it being put together on some white fleece...

     This week I need to get some vapour weed barrier and some shingle so I can use containers..

    Then I can move in plants that are not doing well in other parts of the garden.

    I was eyeing up a Grapevine today lol  not so much for wine but for eating..Is that a possibility?

    My mum had a greenhouse and she grew her plants in the ground the other half was stageing, I am not having any of that as it is restrictive..

    I have buddies who garden as well and one has a big poly tunnels, he said it was 30c last weekin it..  Venting a tunnel means leaving the door open.. My lil gh has an opening roof panel too..

    I hope to be able to raise more veggies from seed rather than spending out in garden centre..

    I guess I need to discover the kind of temperatures in a gh.. like how cold does it get at night..??

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  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 18,433

    Make sure you put many extra clips in it,  the panels will pop out in the wind.

    i asked a place that sold them if they would be ok in a windy place, he wouldn't sell it to me, same again when I wrote to a company on eBay about replacing some of my glass panels, he wouldn't sell them to me.

    hope yours will be ok.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • BLTBLT Posts: 525

    Well they knew the last gh got shredded.. I have 6ft high fences all round and I was thinking of setting it a couple of feet away frommy shed with access on 3 sides.. There is a fence about 12 ft away.. and I know from previous mishaps to position the gh so it gets the wind side on so its hopefully deflected by the pitched roof..  The opening roof panel will be on the sheltered side..

    Its difficult in a small garden to maximise the available space..  The garden is south facing and I thought about the sun and do not want to site it in too much shade..    I would be unimpressed if the panels pop out!!!   I will however ask about extra clips so thanks for that idea..

    Passing kids have been known to lob things over the fence so I thought it might protect it a little if it was behind my shed, so they form and L shape..    I guess I am hoping to learn by other people mishaps,,, after all  there is no substitute for experience.. lol

  • BLTBLT Posts: 525

    Ok Hi guys n' gals I took delivery of my new greenhouse and it was erected last weekend.. The instructions were 50 pages of micro print that I couldn't read, luckily my buddies could.. We were told it takes 2 people 4 hours to assemble.. Well scrub that it to 2 people building it two whole days plus me making Teas  and providing soup and rolls etc..

    Re the extra clips.. On a poly carbonate type the panels slide in so no clips..  The ground had to be levelled first, I did not realise this at the time..So that added an hour or so.

    Poly carbonate panels are very thin pressed forms and they are a pig to slide in..   The site for the maximum hours of sunshine are also the maximum for wind!!  The greenhouse needs to be staked down they do not supply the spikes.. Luckily I used 16 lomg tent pegs..

     It is there, come hell or another storm!!  The shop measured the number of slabs, but the measured the width not the depthso only 2 will fit.. So when I laid the gravel bed on the tarped floor I did not have enough bags of gravrl..    I managed to get a further 2 bags today.. So its done..

    I have sown 2 types of runner beans in trays and French beans too.. I have sowg 3 types of tomato and even a few leeks..

    So we shall see how it goes.. not attached the water butt as yet as need a couple of metre of hose for the down pipes and one cannot buy that amount.. only a roll of 30 metres sigh!.. 

    The Grape vine is not going to be pobbile now because of th poly panels..

    Also am being sent some Native American seeds from my friend.. Ooo interesting projrct..

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