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Cuzco compact

imageThis picture was taken last summer.  Does anyone have one of these plants? We bought 4 last year and they were certainly worth planting, they flowered continuously for months.  This one is still alive, although the flowers finished around October/November time and the plant now has new shoots growing at the base. When should I prune it, and will it flower again this year?

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  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 7,242

    What a pretty plant GD.
    I had a google and came across some info here -

    Unfortunately it says it's an annual, but with some tlc maybe you can persuade it to keep going.

    Good luck - and hope the pond is coming on well. I'm still getting other bits done atm. Will start on the pond in a few weeks.

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  • Thanks for that link Pete8, I have read through the plant information.  I think I will prune it back to the new shoots perhaps in late March early April depending on the weather temps. and just see if it does grow back.  It was a great little plant, quite thirsty but stunning display for months and months with no fuss and didn't get battered by the wind as some of our taller plants do.

    As for the pond - it is at a crossroads at the mo. Spring is going to catch us out, as we are always so busy in the spring with the veg. patch and a million and one other spring type jobs in the garden.  I am wondering where we will find the time to get to the next stage with the pond. 

    Good luck with your pond scheme - I hope it doesn't turn out to be as complicated as ours! Keep us up-to-date won't you.

  • wuttywutty Posts: 1

    I had one of these two years ago, which just wouldn't stop flowering! I looked for them again this year but couldn't find one.  I did keep the label from the one I had and the details are as follows.  Its Sanvitalia Cuzco Compact, from Syntegra FloriPro Services. It also says Sanvitalia Procumbens standard.  On their web site today (Oct 2017) I couldn't find them (some derivatives I think were there though) but I may have missed them or not looked thoroughly enough - and the site is for commercial resellers with a minimum order quantity of 20 boxes I think. You may be able to contact them and find out who stocks them? I'd be interested to get more for 2018. Please post an update of you have any luck.

  • We didn't see them for sale this year wutty, which is a pity as they were good value, bright and cheerful, easy to maintain. 

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