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Confederate Jasmine and a Wood Fence


I've recently had a 6' tall board on board privacy fence installed, with the "nice side" facing out. While building the fence we went with 12' post in concrete to enable the addition of a 2' lattice topper (8' of post exposed). The distance between the inside of the fence and a wood deck is about 8"-12". The deck/fence form the backdrop of my pool.

I would like to make the "inside" view of the fence a green space. I am tentatively planning to do this with confederate jasmine. I live in zone 9A. The area is sunny throughout the day. 

In between each fence post (8' O.C), I am planning to install a 4' section of lattice to train the jasmine up to the 2' lattice topper. So, 2-3 plants per 8' section, trained on lattice, with the board on board fence 2" behind the lattice.

My questions:

1. Will the jasmine eventually get between the board on board fence and pry the boards free? Or, will it mainly stick to the "sunny side" of the lattice?

2. Is there a better plant/vine available?

I'm trying to hide the fence, so when looking out the back windows to the pool, one would see a wall of green... 

Any advice and/or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. (The lattice work is going to run about $700 dollars in materials and on top of the costs for the fence, I'm making a huge investment that I want to work...)

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