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Abutilon Ind

I have two abutilon, Kentish belle and Indian summer. Kentish belle is still flowering fine but Indian summer has grown so tall probably about 4 m I am wondering if this is why it has stopped flowering. Will I kill it if I cut it down to a height I can reach. Or do I need to feed it more. I like it tall because it clothes the chimney breast but flowers are more important. Thank you.image I 


  • Hi Verdun, thank you for the information, unless you ding back to think otherwise I will cut it back half way now.  If I have to chose just one it would be Kentish belle, .i think she is a bit more refined in the belle than Indian summer, even though Indian summer is a lovely colour. Megapotanicum is farther along near the gate and it's flowering it's socks off, lovely. The new big bud variety they were selling last year seem as though they have lost something for my liking, but it's all a matter of what takes your fancy, it's lovely choosing! If you go for a new variety please share the choice, I just can't resist even when I wasn't going to get anything else this year.

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