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Aldi Raspberry canes

Has anyone bought raspberry canes from Aldi as my husband went shopping today and came home with Autumn Bliss raspberry cane.  So are they any good from Aldi and any advice on growing raspberry canes would be much appreciated as we have never grown them before


  • WonkyWombleWonkyWomble Posts: 4,376

    Hi, I have a lidl locally, similar to aldi and their plants I've always found healthy. I've had gooseberey plants from there and they have been successful. I'm not an expert but I do know that raspberries can send off shoots underground and can invade a little, so I would give them enough space and not plant next to anything too precious. Someone else will probably be able to help further. image

  • Autumn Bliss are a well established autumn fruiting variety. Get them in the ground now, with some compost and perhaps a bit of feed such as blood, fish and bone. The will need to be well watered in, but nature will probably arrange that! They shouldn't need much in the way of support, and I haven't found that the birds bother with them much.

    You may get a bit of fruit off them later this year, but next year should be better. Typically, they start to produce small amounts of fruit in about August and carry on fruiting well into October. Rather than giving a glut like the summer varieties, they tend to give a small but steady supply for many weeks.

    Then you leave the canes in place until early next spring, when you cut them all down and new ones should grow.

    I have no idea how healthy and strong Aldi's plants will be, but you might as well give them a go!

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