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Looking to buy log storage but my garden is quite small. So what kind of storage is the  best to buy? Looking for advice from somebody who is in similiar situation.


  • It willl depend on how many logs you need to store and how much you are prepared to spend. For fairly basic structures they always seem expensive to me.

    We store our logs in a dry outhouse, you get through a lot with a log burner and we have two, though don't use them all the time. If you don't need that many you could make a  small shelter from pallets or other recycled timber or stack them against a dry wall and cover with a  roof  or even a waterproof sheet. You do need to keep them off the griound and allow some air to circulate to keep them from rotting, unless they are absolutely bone dry to start with.

  • M-K-M-K- Posts: 30

    We only have a small garden and the wood-burning stove is central to heating the house. We have two wood shelters made out of pallets and other bits of timber which we made to fit the very small amount of space available. That's a very big advantage to building your own.

    One shelter has a corrugated Coroline roof (on a slant to drain water away) and a door (also from a pallet) in an attempt to stop the sou'westerly rain driving in. Other timber came from a built-in wardrobe.

    The second shelter has tarpaulins (made from builders' bags) over the top.

    We also have a kindling store made from an old wardrobe which I fill by the autumn for the forthcoming season. It's lasted about five years, with reinforcement, but I'm going to rebuild it as it will be in the way of a new window.

    These are functional structures rather than things of beauty but I like all of them. My son and I had a lot of fun building them and we learnt a lot.

    Good luck, worldinteriors9! Having dry, seasoned wood makes all the difference.

  • LeadFarmerLeadFarmer Posts: 1,449

    I made this for the patio from fence posts and feather edge timber..


    And behind the garage is one that is out of sight from the house and doesn't look as good, and is made from pallets..


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  • Gosh LeadFarmer, your wood stores are posh to say the least - what a neat job you have made of them.  I was going to upload a picture of our log shelter tomorrow, it is fairly similar to the second one but not half as smart as your version.  Ours has a black rubberoid type of roof and is standing on blocks to help prevent it from becoming rotten on the feet. The open slats of the packing cases help the logs to dry out over a period of time.

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    Did you treat the log stores with anything. Just made one and wondering if I should paint it with anything. 
  • ElferElfer Posts: 329
    I saw this on someone's instagram which I rather liked, looks nice and easy enough to make.

  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,458
    I endorse all the above.  I built a three-pallet wide one some years back with roofing felt to act as a roof.  Once there are a few rows of logs in place, they hold the whole structure upright.  Nothing as grand as those shown but very effective.
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