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Nut tree for a small garden

Hello everyone, I would like a nut tree approximately 3m/4m tall for my tennis court sized garden, it would be positioned against a south facing wall, and i live in west yorkshire.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the variety i should be looking at? image


  • Walnuts and Sweet Chestnuts grow into very large trees and you would be unlikely to get a crop of any significance on an almond tree in West Yorkshire. So that leaves Hazel/cobnut/filbert. You can get named varieties such as Kentish cob and one or two others.

    Hazels naturally grow as a large multi-stemmed shrub rather than a tree, but can be coppiced by cutting to the ground every few years to control their size. They look pretty with their catkins in spring and can fruit well. However, if you have any squirrels in the vicinity you will be lucky to get a single nut unless you can net the tree securely!

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