Good online plant supplier and advice for plants to prevent tresspassing

Hello All,

I was thinking of getting some plants from Jersey Plants Direct as see they do free postage. Has anyone used them or can anyone recommend a company that does reasonable plants and delivery that doesn't charge to much for P&P as I am on a budget?

I have a large piece of hard ground where my ex husband's car stood. I do not own a car and do not want to cover the area in case win the lottery and can afford a car in the future(!)

The issue I have is that the gated back is now quite exposed. I am putting some anti climb spikes on the metal gates, but wanted some advice for anything I could plant there to keep potential intruders from climbing over, in pots perhaps?

Any advice gratefully welcomed.

Thank you.


  • Berberis and Pyracantha are both thorny and decorative, or you could plant blackberries either side and train them along the gates and enjoy your own fruitimage

  • Ahh, thank you!

    I need to be able to get the gates opened so there lies the issue as not sure what I can put across the gated area without having an issue regarding getting the gate accessible when required.

  • Lots of choice with rambling roses and many have vicious thorns, and Mahonia has very prickly leaves and beautiful scented yellow flowers in spring (much loved by the birds).  There are some very nice hollies too - I particularly like the hedgehog holly, though hollies are rather slow growing.

  • Thank you image

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 28,211

    Or attach electric fencing?

    Just remember to switch it off when you open the gates.....image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

  • Thanks Verdun, that's great as was about to fill my shopping cart up. Will check the other site you have kindly mentioned.

    Fairygirl, would totally if I could! Thanks for making me chuckle image!

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