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Climbing Evergreens For Patio



  • kah22kah22 Posts: 12
    Redwing says:

    ...These are my first thoughts ... what about one of the evergreen clematis ', not ArmandI but maybe one of the  Chirossas? Or pyracantha or the evergreen honeysuckle .  It isn't evergreen but a grapevine would look great in the summer. I like what you are doing; I'll give it some more thought.

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     While doing some research I came across a post from from you:

    How did you fair out in the end?

    My own limited research suggests that Clematis armandii could be a bit of a thug leaving me to fear that it might overpower my climbing roses. I planted them, bear rooted, about six weeks back and they are now showing signs of growth.

    A gardening friend has suggested holding back on planting a climbing partner until the host plants have time to establish. Sounds sensible. At the earliest that would be the tail end of this year or the beginning of next year. Any views?

    Clematis, honeysuckle and sweet pea are still firm favourites. A vine would be nice to have but I doubt if I'm in the right area to grow them but I'll not pre judge, I'll wait to hear back from the experts. Don't think any of my friends have one ?


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  • RedwingRedwing Posts: 1,502
    kah22 says:

     While doing some research I came across a post from from you:

    How did you fair out in the end?

    See original post

     Well, I went off  armandii for all the reasons cited in that thread from a year ago, too vigorous, short flowering season, unsuitability to a container.  I did further research and talked to a friend who has it growing up her house and she advised against it too.  In the end I  planted cartmanii Avalanche and a blue alpina.  I'm pleased with the Avalanche; it made good growth last summer, the leaves are attractive and it is budding up nicely now. I'm not sure it will be big enough for your situation though, I think it's a max of 4m in height. Sadly the alpina died.  Maybe I didn't water it enough.  I may try again. 

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