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Strawberries and vine weevil

Having spent several weeks watching my strawberry plants die I decided to repot the remaining plants. That is when I discovered the problem - vine weevil grubs.

I dug up, thoroughly washed the roots and rid a few more weevils this way before splitting and repotting the remaining plants. I've brought them indoors for a little more protection while they root. 

Do I now need to treat all of my potted plants for vine weevil? There was an awful lot of them ???? Should I do anything else for the strawberries?image 



  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Scariff, County Clare, IrelandPosts: 6,828

    I reckon you've done the best you can for your strawberries for now, Jonesk!  Hopefully they'll survive the ordeal, and grow away strongly.

    You can water on nematodes a bit later in the year - the soil temperature has to be high enough for them to work, but I've found them very effective.  Not all plants are equally susceptible to vine weevil so you might be lucky with your other potted plants, but to be on the safe side you could water them all with vine weevil killing nematodes if you can afford it (they're not cheap, unfortunately).

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