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I was sold a plant as an osmanthus many years ago.  It does have the 'holly' leaves, a beautiful scent from the small white flowers and is now about 4 ft high.  My question is this: can anyone tell me which variety flowers late summer\autumn, and when is the best time to prune it please.


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    O. fragrans is later than most but I don't grow this one so can't help with pruning

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  • I think it's probably osmanthus x fortunei, from the leaf description, but that flowers in autumn. There is a rarer species, O. yunnanensis, late winter flowering, bigger leaf though. Evergreen, so selective pruning in mid-spring, because later will lose you the flower. It may be that you forego the flower for one year to get it into shape, then leave it for a year or two before doing it again. 


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  • Thank you, good to have a feedback!

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