Plants for Belfast sinks

Hi, I've inherited a couple of Belfast sinks and I'd like to plant them to go either side of my front door. The area doesn't receive much direct sunlight. I've seen some which are planted with alpines which look nice but I was wondering whether anyone can suggest anything else. I was thinking about something that could have different points of interest throughout the year, and preferably with some colour too. I'd really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks 


  • As they are fairly shady and won't have the sharpest drainage, you could have a mix of ferns, some of the moisture loving Carex, Tiarella or Heuchera and a small Hosta. Look for evergreen ferns and check their eventual size, as some grow big.  The Hosta will be deciduous but will give you flowers in summer and the others will keep some leaves all winter. Some heucheras have pretty flowers too. You will have a variety of foliage colours to choose from, as well as varied leaf shapes and textures. You could tuck in a primula or some pansies for some extra flower colour too.

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  • Nessaj I have just bought some plants which I hoped might be planted in a Belfast sink which we have lying empty at present. I think they are all fairly low growing.  I bought some Saxifrage Aplino, Saxifrage Touran, Armeria and a green houseleek.  They all seem to be perennial so would these be suitable for a sink?

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    You could add dwarf bulbs for extra colour.

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