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Arrival of frogspawn



  • Chris789Chris789 Posts: 52

    Some frog spawn here in the north west, last year the pond had some on the 27th March, this year today (10th), so a bit ahead of last year, don't know whether thats because of the weather or the pond being a year older but I'm hoping more will turn up this time. I still haven't seen any frogs only heard them and obviously now there is spawn.


  • We've done exactly the same Rumlady, last year our fish nabbed all the frog spwan, so this year we have taken extra measures especially as with most of our wildlife its seems these days, frogs and toads are in decline ?.

    my daughter and I have been keeping an eye on the frog spawn we have and are submitng our findings to the Fresh Wafter Habitat people so they can track what's going on in our ponds - here's a link if anyone feels inclined to do the same -


  • LynLyn Posts: 21,342

    Is that an American site, I couldn't put the date in, back to front like in US, so 3.9.2017 instead of 9.3.2017 ! 

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Chris789Chris789 Posts: 52

    More frog spawn yesterday and they're still in there, I've now seen the frogs now all six of them, been a bit of a pain in that I can't really do any work in the back garden without distrurbing them, although it means I got to weed the front and plant some more seeds in doors instead. I've filled in the survey I did last year too but thanks for the reminder, hopefully frogs have a good year this year.


  • Hello

    I'm new to the group and so glad there are more breeding frogs than I thought.

    I've also spotted spawn in my london garden pond already and want to do everything to help it hop to a good start.

    I have 2x 15cm gold fishes in a medium size pond, will they eat the spawn? How can I separate them? Relocate the spawn or fish (though the fish are hard to catch because they lie low in the dark waters.

    Many thanks 


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