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Garden Design Software Recommendations

Looking for recommendations for garden design software. I have a small garden and patio with grass and zero plants! There seems to be lots of very complex software and very simple software available and the price varies widely.

I'm fairly competent on the computer but a novice gardener - any suggestions?




  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,284

    Hi Sharon

    There have been several threads on this forum over the years asking the same question.

    Generally the  answer seems to be graph paper, pencil and eraser. Some of the 3D CGI's we see on gardening progs are very impressive but I'm sure the software has a very impressive price tag too.

    If there is some good reasonably priced software out there, I'd be keen too.

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  • Hi Pete8

    After I posted my question, I found some posts on the subject and I was going to follow up my question with 'Please do not suggest pencil and paper, I cant draw, especially in 3D'. I assumed that there would be something out there to help me with this lack of skill. If I find some useful, reasonably priced software, I will let you know. 



  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,040

    Please do let us know if you find anything at a reasonable price which is any good.  I've checked out various options over the years and none of them have been worth the money - even the free ones!

    Pro stuff is going to be far too expensive.

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