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Laying new turf

I had new lawn laid in my back garden and i am pretty sure the people that did it did it wrong. It was 10 months ago now and despite me informing the gardener of my concerns several times i have not had any answers really as i may actually be wrong as i am no gardener myself. As well as a whole host of problems they caused when they excavated the old lawn i dont think they used top soil and they definitely didnt flatten it but just laid the new stuff on top. My garden is now bobbley all over. I was wondering what they should and shouldnt have done and if i should have requested it to be flattened. 


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,462

    Nearly a year on it's probably too late to get them to do anything, particularly as it seems they weren't that helpful at the time.

    What they should have done as a minimum is levelled the area to be turfed and then do the 'heel shuffle' across the entire area to firm the ground and find any remaining high and low spots.  Then correct those issues and only then lay the turf.

    You shouldn't have needed to request that they flatten the area, that is standard practice.

  • I thinks it's diffcult to even call them gardeners in what they have left you. As KT as stated, the main work with laying a lawn is in the preparation of the soil that it's been laid on.The levelling of the soil and removing any large stones can be hard work but that hard work gives you a good surface to put the turf  on to

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