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Cactus Display.

In the middle of the night my heavy glass bowl with two cactus and an aloe vera decided for reasons we can't work out to leap from the windowsil and create a not entirely pleasing pattern across the carpet.

The bowl did not survive the fall. I'm hoping the plants did although one is looking very sorry for itself.

So now is my chance to create something a little more interesting in terms of a display.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?


  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489

    Clari, there were some interesting cacti ideas on Pinterest earlier this week.

    Maybe vibrations from your storm were responsible for the broken bowl image

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  • I used to have collections of cacti and succulents in troughs I made from pieces of old roofing lead filched from Wonky's Papa Womble who was a builder.  That way I could make them the right size for the windowsills.  They worked really well and looked good with a sort of rustic weatherbeaten look which worked well with the cacti and succulents. 

    Think it would probably be advised that you wear gloves when shaping the lead nowadays ... I didn't 'cos no one worried about such stuff back then and I'm still here to tell the tale. image

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  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    Joyce; I don't think it was the storm, we got off very lightly. But truth be told I don't know how it happened; the pot I struggled to move and it had sat there happily for months. Funny how things like this happen.

    Aym; plants do have their ways of telling us things. I hope your seedlings didn't cause any damage to the laptop. 

    Dove; I like the idea of lead against the plants. Perhaps slate might be a safer alternative?

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Perhaps a photo of the plants so we have some idea of size, shape etc. 

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  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    Aym: my deepest apologies I didn't see your message til just now! The home improvements are starting to take shape (yayyy!!!!) The plasterboard goes on this weekend and is skimmed the week after. After that it'll be a month of drying and painting before the central heating goes back in and we'll be warm again! Mind you come April maybe we'll be warm anyway. Have they started predicting an Indian summer yet? Surely they normally start around now.

    As for paranormal. I work in a (very) haunted building. Things are often "being moved" (never a sweeping brush or mop or duster for some reason which is just damned unfair) but I don't think its anyone that has followed me home! 

    Hogweed: I'll try and get a picture with something to give you an idea of sizing. Right now they're all holed up in an ice cream tub because having followed Joyces advice and looked on Pintrest I keep changing my mind as to what I want!

  • image

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