Arum maculatum, cuckoopint, lords and ladies By Pete8

please can someone help how can I get rid off these asap plz ,would putting weed killer under ground on bulbs help ??



  • oops sorry pete8 ,I just copied n pasted didn't no u name on end :( ,

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    Weed killer can't tell a plant you want from a weed. It will kill anything it touches.

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  • This is area I'm clearing to day so many weeds I've been doing all 3/4 of acre by hand and pulling out weeds , no easy way ? 

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    ahylands929 says:

    This is area I'm clearing to day so many weeds I've been doing all 3/4 of acre by hand and pulling out weeds , no easy way ? 

    See original post

     Not really - I'd dig it over, pulling out all the roots - then if you get any regrowth later in the spring, just treat individual plants with contact weedkiller or targetted spraying.  Weedkiller is far more effective on new active growth rather than old leaves that have been there over winter, which is what most of that lot looks like. 

    Good luck and remember, it's cheaper than gym membership image

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    It's a long battle.

    The problem is that they just keep coming from spring to late summer, more tiny leaves keep appearing, and of course they come up in the middle of clumps of perennials etc. image
    I just keep hoeing the tops off or pulling leaves out from clumps of plants. With no leaves the plant can't survive.
    I've tried roundup and Rosate36 on them with little success.

    I am just completely mystified as to where they keep coming from  - it's at least 5 yrs I've been battling with them, and I don't seem to be winning and they seem to keep spreading.

  • ok my aim today is to finish this big patch ,ive burnt wheel barrows of weeds ,so many ,I cant use weed killer really as my ponies on this land ,2 months ive been doing this am getting te but omg hard work will send pic to night when done ,weed roots 18 inches under ground ,been really hard work this area was full of wood cuttiings too but got down to this now ,n still finging metel in ground too errrrr ,never been looked after just dumping ground :( ,

  • also as I done area b ok to grass seed ?

  • Something that might help, it definitely works on nettles, is to mow regularly to keep removing the leaves - as Pete says, plants can't survive without them.

    This might help you keep on top of larger areas until you can clear them properly and would be  quicker and easier to do. I have no personal experience of this weed, but grows on woodland edge and hedge bottoms and will not be adapted to grazing. Grass is unusual in that it grows from the base, whereas most plants grow from the tip. Cutting the leaves off will give the grass an advantage, which may encourage it to provide more competition and further weaken the invader - it has to be worth a try!

  • ok going now to get all that area done :) pics this eve :) in for a nother hard day :( ,

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    Good luck!

    If you get really good at it you could come and give me a hand...... image

  • well that was hard work ,n only got 1/3 done :( pics to follow .but was bit dark so not brill pic :(

  • have done a lot really as found more iron bars in ground berried deep :( ,all ready removed 40 sheets of tin ,and iron fencing which was dumped 10 yrs ago :( by the tree ,the amount of wood ive taken out of ground too :( ,4 big wheel barrows of weed n small bits of wood removed to day ,I'm shattered now

  • not a garden ,its my pony paddock that I rent :)

  • We have it (Lords and Ladies) coming up all over our front garden, it was here when we moved in 37 years ago, and we have tried to eradicate it, but the roots are deep and we have given up, as it just re-appears each year.  However I don't dislike the plant, and although the berries are poisonous, I find them quite attractive too. The front garden where these Lords and Ladies grow is full of foraging birds, hibernating hedgehogs too, so using weed killer is a definite no no.

    Good luck with your task ahylands.

  • not going to b easy .but posinous for horses so hoping I can keep clear as much as poss ,once all new grass comes through I'm sure be a lot better,

  • imageimageup dates on all my hard work over the yr :) to happy ponies ,been a yr of hell n hard work ,lets hope that not so many weeds this yr :) 

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    Very happy and healthy looking pony .... takes me back image

    Arums are one of the first wild plants to appear in the spring ... sometimes even in Jan/Feb if there's a mild spell, so keep your eyes open and don't feel despondent when you see them ... weed them out by hand as much as you can ... they die off early too so they won't be there too long and every year there'll be fewer of them.  Good luck image

    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in - Greek proverb 
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    mine are up 

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