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Overgrown Garden

I just moved into a new house with four large raised garden beds(overgrown) and I have never gardened before. One bed has hollowed out squash just sitting in it from last year. Another one has overgrown tomato/pepper plants and the other two are so overgrown I am unsure what they have. 

Am I better off clearing out the beds and starting from scratch or should I just trim everything back and let whatever is already there grow back in the summer? 

Any advice is helpful!


  • Clear them out, start from scratch, grow what you want to growimage It will help if you can add some manure or compost to replenish the soil. Did they have a compost heap in the garden? That would be a big help, you could use the compost and  it would be the easy way to dispose of the plants that you clear.

  • CloggieCloggie Posts: 1,353

    I agree start from scratch and throw anything you clear onto the compost heap or in the green bin.

    You'll probably get tomato plants self-seeding this summer - I do.  Worth knowing what they look like as babies so that you don't weed them out.  The leaves actually smell of tomato, they're hairy and have distinctive leaves ...

  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 4,092

    Most veg are annual or at least have to be consumed the year they grow. The main perenial veg are Asparagus, Arthichoke both globe & Jeruselem. 

    Agree with others clear out start again.

    AB Still learning

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