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Gardenia jasminoides 'Kleim's Hardy'

Just ordered a Gardenia off eBay in a 9cm pot.

Now I'm wondering what the best way forward might be, should I repot into a larger pot say a 1tlr pot for this year and repot again in the winter into a 2ltr pot for next year before perhaps putting it out into the garden summer 2019.

I'm assuming it would be best potted on into ericaceous compost. 



  • I'd only go one size up this year, pot on again or plant out in the spring of the following year.  Sheltered spot, away from cold winds and with good drainage. Neutral to acid soil.  Leaf mould incorporated into the planting hole mix when it goes out.  'Kleim's Hardy' is a slight misnomer - it isn't truly able to withstand very cold weather, but is better in the ground in the right place than in a pot 


  • Thank you very much for your reply and I shall do as you've suggested. I'm hoping that I've got a nice sheltered spot in the garden where it might thrive protected from the hardest of frosts too. Well I hope so.

    Unless you try and give things a go you don't find out. This is why I've gone for a purchase in a small pot at £9 rather than one at £20 and more to limit losses if things don't work out.

    Does anybody do what Monty does with some of his tender plants, that is bring them in, in the winter and put them back out into the ground in the spring / summer after the frosts for the summer?

  • Just thought i would follow up on what has and hasn't happened with my Gardenia this year.

    Well it's still alive and well in its pot outside and has been since February.   It is looking healthy but has grown very little indeed to the point that i'm a tad disappointed although i know they are slow to moderate growers so perhaps i'm being too ambitious.

    I know they are lime haters so feeding it with sequestrine a couple of times a year is perhaps a good idea but i'm also thinking i need to do more as i'm convinced sequestrine isn't a fertiliser as such.

    I'm reading online that it needs plenty of organic matter! would this be Leaf Mould, Compost off the compost heap or well rotted Horse Manure or indeed a mix.

    Any advice much appreciated

  • Rose121Rose121 Posts: 132
    Hi Cottage! How is your Gardenia going? I've just got two Kleim's Hardies that I'm about to plant out and looking for any tips!
  • Hi, Well it's December 17 since i last posted on this one.  It didn't grow well in its pot so i've taken it out of its pot and moved it into the ground with plenty of compost taken out of the bottom of the compost heap with a little well rotted manure mixed in.   It's still alive but not looking good at all but there is a reason for this though.   It was ravaged by "The Beast from the East" a month or so back.  It’s recovering though.

  • Rose121Rose121 Posts: 132
    Glad to hear it's still going. Potted mine up yesterday, so will see how they do. They were mail order, and looked pretty unhappy about it. Probably about the worst thing you can do to a gardenia... 
  • Gardenias look poor and grey over winter but brighten up and take on a bright and glossy glow in the summer months.   Mine still looks sad, grey and dull at mo but i know that in another month roughly it will brighten itself up and the plant will take on a bright glossy green colour.    Well i hope so, i have to remember that mine has just had a serious bashing which it clearly did not enjoy.   Just had a close up look at it with reading glasses on today and theres the smallest of signs of new growth on mine today.  Fingers crossed it will recover over the next few months.  They do like plenty of oganic matter and well drained soil / compost.  ai gather they like a bright sunny position but protection at the hottest part of the day but i'm not convinced of this here in the UK as our summers are not as intense as those elsewhere where they do best.

    Good luck
  • Papi JoPapi Jo Posts: 3,854
    Here's a pic of my gardenia'Kleim's Hardy', planted in a pot on last May 1st, had its very first flower today! Lovely scent.
    You are invited to a virtual visit of my garden (in English or in French).
  • Jelous, That's what i'm hoping for one day.  Here are some photo's of mine.  Please bear in mind though that it looked a lot better than this before the Beast From The East had a go at it.

  • Wow, the price of these really have come down in price, just ordered three for the same price i paid for one a little over a year ago.

    Going to try again with this even though the plant above is showing signs of recovery albiet very slowly indeed.
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