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Inherited overgrown choisya Aztec Pearl

Seeking advice on what to do with a very leggy Aztec Pearl that is in the garden of our new home.
It has grown 3 ways from the base with each leg being bare until bushy healthy looking growth at the ends. The 'legs' are 2m long and intrude into the front of the border.

How can I prune this shrub to reduce its size but not be left with stumps that never recover?

Is it too late for this shrub?

Advice welcomed.


  • I have the same problem as blossom65, with not only Choisya Aztec Pearl, but also many bushes of  Choisya Ternata, all 5' high, very leggy and smothering rose bushes that also haven't been pruned! I moved to this established garden a few years ago and hardly know where to start! But I'd like to keep the shrubs and roses if possible. Any advice?
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Both Aztec Pearl and Ternata will be fine with pruning back now or later. But without seeing pictures, I can only suggest you prune back to where you feel comfortable with and then wait for them to respond. If they are overgrown, they will look nice once you pruned back, but they should recover very soon.
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