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How can i deal with pests this year

So last year my partner and i attempted to grow runner beans but the pests were eating them as soon as the first leaves came through.Still not sure what it was (didnt see any snail/slug trails) And i was spraying it with neem oil but still they killed the lot.

This year we would like to find a way to combat these pests. Problem is we got a couple of raised beds but our garden does have a lot of large trees and bushes which is making me think this is where the pest are coming from, There's not a lot i can do about them as they are huge. But i was considering growing some companion plants in with our veg as i hear thats a good distraction for the pests. Planning on growing some different lettuce types like lollo rossa, What would be a good companion to grow with lettuce?

Also considering growing sweetcorn and need ideas what i could put admist them to avoid this happening again?


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