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Pruning autumn fruiting raspberries

I planted some autumn fruiting raspberries 2 or 3 weeks ago and have read since that these should be pruned down to the soil about now. Is this the case with newly planted plants too?


  • OK.  Thank you for replying. I will get straight to it. :) 

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,570

    I pruned mine down to the ground at the weekend. Next job is to give them a feed of blood fish and bone, scattered around the base of the canes.  Then I will give them a mulch of compost or well rotted farm yard manure to  keep the weeds down.

  • Lily PillyLily Pilly Posts: 3,845

    Mine are cut down and the wood ash tipped around the bases. It's all I did last year and the yield was amazing!

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  • As they are new plants I agree completely. When they are established if you've no room for summer fruiting ones you can "push" some canes by leaving them & you will get an earlier crop as well as the new canes giving you the Autumn fruit, but you need to feed really well as it puts extra strain on the plants. Don't do it every year or it will weaken them over time.

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  • I have had a disastrous raspberry year, after many years of lovely raspberries without ever needing to think too much about it. I was watching Month Don in Feb, and he said if you do nothing else this weekend, go out and cut your canes down to a few inches of the ground which is what I did. Result, no berries. I now have fresh canes about 5 feet high, looking healthy but no berries on them or the stumps of the old canes.

    Should I just tidy them up, and resist the advice to cut them back in Feb? They used to fruit in 

    July to Sept, so are they summer or autumn Raspberries? 

    Any advice really appreciated


  • My guess is that they are a late summer variety, if they were Autumn fruiting they would have fruit on them now. Tie in your nice fresh canes, in spring if there is any die-back at the tips they can be tiydied up. Any miss-placed or very thin canes can be removed in spring as well. Next year remove these old canes that will have fruited tie in the new ones. Don't for get to feed and mulch well.

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