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Tree ideas please

I am looking to plant a small tree in full sun to provide some natural shade for a small pond. Preferably something architectural, definitely evergreen and frost hardy. Ideal size 10-20 ft fully grown. As a gardening novice, I would appreciate any ideas.


  • catnipcatnip Posts: 73

    There are lots to choose from- I recommend you check out the RHS site and look at a few evergreen trees for small gardens. I would consider root spread as it could puncture your pond lining!

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    It is not a good idea to have a tree near a pond. The root damage has already been mentioned by catnip and if you intend having wildlife in the pond then the shade will inhibit any water plant growth.

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  • SeedSeed Posts: 14

    ...and if the tree is deciduous, it'll be a pain clearing the leaves from the water every autumn. 

  • Even evergreen trees lose their leaves, it's just that they do it a few at a time throughout the year, so that can make it even more difficult to keep them out of the water. 

    If the pond needs shading, water plants with leaves which float on the surface do it for us - water lilies or water soldier for example. image

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  • I've tried water lilies without much success I'm afraid - I bought a 4th one last year, a dwarf variety, but they seem to curl up and die within 12 months :(

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