Help Save the Hedgehogs Part II



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    Clathymacd says:

    I have been feeding hogs since last Spring. I set up a camera trap and 2 feeding stations and captured 3 hogs on camera over the summer and into autumn. But I also noticed a couple of much smaller hogs around about October and was concerned because they were obviously autumn juveniles. The large hogs disappeared (gone into hibernation) around about early November, but the wee ones were still appearing to feed. I managed to catch one and weighed it - 410 grammes. Phoned the BHPS for advice and explained that we are in Perthshire, quite high up and get quite severe frost. Their advice was that they should be overwintered indoors. So after a great deal of research and advice from a local rescue centre we have them indoors, gaining weight and looking very healthy. Should be ready to release back into the garden sometime late March. We have continued to put food out for any coming out of hibernation early. My advice on food would be to use specialist dry hedgehog food - if its in a feeding station it stays dry and does not attract the local dogs/cats/rodents. Having a young, very inquisitive border collie that must be a plus!

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    Oh wow Clathymacd! I applaud you for such effort and care image lots of my friends have had the same problem this year but mainly due to most local rescues being full, so have chosen to do so in heated garages. Hedgehog branded food is perfect, I usually only suggest the meat flavoured cat biscuits as it is cheaper. I bet you are counting down the days until release! Have you thought about making some nest sites? Would be interested to see how much they weigh when the date comes - up that north you undoubtedly saved their lives and have ensured the next generation in your area. Well done! People like yourself are modern day saints in my eyes.

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  • Thanks for that! I just think it is such a priviledge to have these beautiful creatures about and watching them on the camera trap gives us a huge amount of pleasure. Their weights have gone up to over 800 grammes but I will leave the release of them until I see signs that the outside hogs are out and about; we currently have about 2 inches of snow so there won't be a lot of food around for them. I have 3 "houses" in the garden complete with bedding (not sure if they are occupied) but will create a couple more. They are due for another weigh in tomorrow and hopefully will stay healthy and keep putting weight on.

  • Hi aym280. 

    I set my camera trap to record 30 second videos when triggered, but I'm a bit of a technophobe and don't know how to forward from my computer. I'll do some research though!

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    We have a lot of hedgehog visitors but had to take 4 autumn juveniles to our local rescue in Nov as they were only 250g and wouldn't have survived the winter. My hubby built 2 hedgehog boxes which we filled with straw and leaves in late Sept and within a couple of days both had tenants. I have been putting out fresh food for them for the last couple of weeks but so far haven't seen any signs they have emerged from hibernation.

    I can't wait to see them as to be honest I miss them over the winter - sitting in the garden at dusk in the summer watching them arrive through the hedgehog hole in the gate for their evening meal is one of my favourite things.

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    Isn't it just the best? When the Summer comes around and you can spend evenings listening to their snuffling with a glass of wine image Well done to you for helping them! 

  • I'm thinking of making a hedgehog house for when our little girl comes back from the rescue centre. I know she may sprint off elsewhere but others may move in. I also know it needs to be somewhere quiet and undisturbed over winter. The area of our garden where I could put it is close to a fence, on the other side of which there are people with yappy lap dogs, that they take out 2 or 3 times each evening to ... well lets just say the grass doesn't grow much on their side. The dogs can't get into our garden, but do you think it would stop hogs from using a house? Our other hedgehog visitors who come for food deal with the cats, who just walk alongside them, and the foxes, who just sit and watch the hogs go by, but I'm guessing using a house is a different matter to a feeding station.

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    Possibly Paul, they often use two separate sites for hibernation and summer time slumber. The majority of my 'hedgehog hotels' are positioned under or behind my trees and hedgerow for wind and rain protection. If the dogs aren't active during night time hours, it may have no negative impact, however, the noise may mean a mother is reluctant to use the site for nursing her young. 

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    No signs of any here yet but I've started putting out food just in case. I scout around the garden every day looking for poo.  I do hope those wee hoglets I sought advice about make it through their first winter. 

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    Hi Everyone, Its been a long while since i've been active on this site, moved to a new house couple months ago, and I know I have/had a hog, (yet to see it but did an ink trap last year and now have a lovely footprint trail)

    When should i put food back out for my wee hoggie :) I already have a feeding station made out of a plastic underbed container under my hedge. Mine loved mealies, but also gave him specific hedgehog food as well as peanuts (crushed) and cat biscuits.

    Hoping s/he comes back, we now have an outside light installed that picks up on movement, would this stop it coming?



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