Help Save the Hedgehogs Part II



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    madpenguin says:

    My hedgehogs returned 2 nights ago.The trail cam picked up 2 and there is possibly a third.So all happy here!

    I feed mine in a feeding station with a mixture of Go-Cat,sunflower seeds,whole peanuts,dried mealworms and dried fruit.A bowl of water is also provided.Been doing it now for 9 years.

    I recognize one of the hedgehogs and know that it is the third year in a row that it has visited!

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    Ahhh that is wonderful madpenguin! My nightcam was one of my biggest buys, absolutely fascinates me. Time to get it out for the Spring now image No doubt you will have babies around June/July 

  • a1154 says:

    I dont have anything not rabbit fenced, though i could leave something just outside the gate, or over the road there is a bit of land ive seen hogs there before. 

    How do you know its benefitting hogs and not feeding some cat or fox? 

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    I think putting food under a low cover stops the foxes getting at it. Some people just use a paving slab on a couple of bricks at each corner. Cats struggle with narrow 90 degree turns, which is why if you look at any of the hedgehog houses at the garden centre they will generally have a few tight turns to get in. Having said that I spent a long evening last year being outwitted by next door's cat before getting a working layout of recycle bins and plant pots.

    Just a thought, but if your local hogs are surviving quite well on the other side of the road it may be better to help them over there rather than encouraging them to cross the road. Depends how busy the road is of course. Ours cross the road to get to us, but they then go around 4 or 5 gardens each night before heading home.

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    Ah its pretty rural here. I like the box. Im going to ask the neighbours if they see hogs and hopefully set this up as a collaboration. 

  • Two questions.

    First by leaving food out are you missing out on the hogs eating the slugs and snails?

    Second can you tell me the make of the night cam, I like the sound of that?

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    a1154 - Great idea, as hogs visit up to 10-20 different gardens a night if able. 
    Verdun - Thank you! That's brill news, did you use a feeding station? Yes, hedgehogs are creatures of habit emerging just after dusk and retreating just before dawn image 
    Richard - Hello Richard, slugs & snails make up about 5% of a hogs diet and as they are emerging earlier due to the warmer weather, food sources aren't always up to speed. Sure thing, mine is a Bushnell Trophy Cam, I just plug the SD card into my laptop (like you do for pictures with cameras) and there it is after setting up. 

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    These are sold as traps, but if you block the door open, it keeps cats and foxes out. image

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    Nice work Hosta

  • I have been feeding hogs since last Spring. I set up a camera trap and 2 feeding stations and captured 3 hogs on camera over the summer and into autumn. But I also noticed a couple of much smaller hogs around about October and was concerned because they were obviously autumn juveniles. The large hogs disappeared (gone into hibernation) around about early November, but the wee ones were still appearing to feed. I managed to catch one and weighed it - 410 grammes. Phoned the BHPS for advice and explained that we are in Perthshire, quite high up and get quite severe frost. Their advice was that they should be overwintered indoors. So after a great deal of research and advice from a local rescue centre we have them indoors, gaining weight and looking very healthy. Should be ready to release back into the garden sometime late March. We have continued to put food out for any coming out of hibernation early. My advice on food would be to use specialist dry hedgehog food - if its in a feeding station it stays dry and does not attract the local dogs/cats/rodents. Having a young, very inquisitive border collie that must be a plus!

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