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Yellow Buddleia Cuttings

Hello all,

At the end of last summer, I took several cuttings of a very mature yellow Buddleia I found hidden away in the neglected garden of my new home.

I noticed its very different yellow flowers high up at the top of the tree, which are more globe like than cones.

The cuttings I have are doing incredibly well, and now that spring is fast(ish) approaching, I am wondering when I should start putting the pots outside.

I look forward to your responses image


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,678

    Buddleja globosa and x weyerana are both hardy. Start by putting them up against a house wall or other protection,  then pot on or plant in final position in a few weeks.

  • Hi Fidgetbones,

    Thanks for the reply... after a quick google, it looks like it could be the globosa variety.

    Should the plants be left outside over night? Can I assume that a south facing wall would be better? image

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